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Is it really all it’s cracked up to be?

I’m a fairly healthy person — I exercise as much as I can, try to eat food that is good for me, and get in my 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Unfortunately, I wasn’t blessed with strong immunity against getting sick. I suffer from bouts of IBS and have terrible hormone imbalances that make me fall ill at least once a month. As a result, I’ve found myself obsessing over personal health hacks a little too much.

Enter: the “detox drink” experiment. …

And the ways you can implement it today.

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In 2017, Hubspot published a report to understand the main marketing challenges that companies face. It’s no surprise that 63% of companies revealed that their biggest challenge is generating enough traffic and leads. Why?

Today, the fight for a consumer’s attention has never been harder. Each day, 500 million Tweets are sent out and 95 million photos are posted on Instagram. More frighteningly, digital marketing experts estimate that the average person is exposed to roughly 4,000–10,000 ads a day. This is the reality that modern brands now face.

That’s why not having to rely solely on paid advertising and finding…

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Because you’re not alone.

Over the past few years, the number of successful solo entrepreneurs, or “solopreneurs”, has been on the rise, challenging the idea that a business can only succeed if it is run by more than two people. Now, there is an increasing amount of one-person businesses breaking $1 million in revenue.

“The number of solo entrepreneurs hitting seven-figures rose 33 percent since 2011.” — Entrepreneur

Whilst this is good news, especially if you’re kicking it out on your own, there are a few potential downsides — loneliness, pressure and burnout. …

A sustainable coffee company founder shares tips for launching your Kickstarter with just two weeks to prepare.

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Earlier this year, I decided to start a coffee business. Like many new business owners, the first problem I had to solve was: how was I going to raise enough capital to get started?

I decided to offer my product for pre-sale. Not only that, but I also launched a Kickstarter campaign. I figured that I could validate my idea and raise money along the way.

After just two weeks of preparation, I managed to gain 167 backers and raise over $6000. On top of that, my project was selected as a Kickstarter “Projects We Love,” which gave it an…

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Ever wondered what all those terms used by sustainable brands really mean? Here’s a break down.

Plastic pollution is now considered one of the most pressing environmental issues globally, with the level of production and use of disposable plastic products far outweighing the world’s ability to deal with them.

“Of 6.3 billion tonnes of plastic we’ve thrown away since we started mass-producing it in the 1950s, just 600 million tonnes has been recycled.” — Science Advances

It’s no surprise then, that packaging manufacturers are now producing more options aside from plastic packaging, and we see more and more brands opting to choose alternative solutions in order to become more sustainable.

But to a consumer, the terms…

Our journey towards plastic free coffee

Hi, my name is Victoria and I’m the founder & CEO of Alpaca Coffee. Alpaca Coffee is a plastic free coffee company that delivers right to our customers’ doors.

When I decided to start selling coffee after a trip to South America last year, I knew I wanted to bring delicious coffees to people’s homes. But there was one problem. It quickly became clear through research and talking to coffee packaging manufacturers that the use of plastic packaging to package coffee was still commonplace. Sustainable materials were simply not as accessible and harder to source.

“Global coffee production creates in…

A breakdown on how to elevate the roast spud

There’s nothing better than biting into a crunchy, crispy roast potato to find a soft, fluffy interior. Coming from the UK where the Sunday roast is an institution, roast spuds are a key element, for without them the whole establishment would fall apart. Aside from roast dinners, they are a perfect side to almost any meal.

There are several factors, if all achieved, will produce, in my humble opinion, the best roast potatoes you’ll ever make.


First off, the variety of potato you use for this particular method of cooking will dictate: a. how crispy the exterior gets; b. how…

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Understanding human behavior and our failure to take action on climate change issues

In early 2018, the South African government announced that 4 million citizens in Cape Town were months away from running out of water. Panic ensued. Brought on by three consecutive years of drought and overconsumption, the city’s reservoir levels had become dangerously low, with water levels only reaching 15–30% of total dam capacity.

In response, the government decided to issue a date for “Day Zero”, 22 April 2018 — the point at which the city would switch off its municipal water supply and residents would have to queue up for daily water rations. …

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How hyper-consumerism hurts the planet and society

It’s November, and there sure are no shortages of shopping events — with Black Friday in the U.S. on November 29th this year, and Singles’ Day in China on November 11th — consumers are set to spend more than $45 billion in total. With China’s average urban household disposable income at an all time high, rising 6.5% per capita in 2018, and U.S. households facing a 0.4% rise in 2019, hyper-consumerism is more prevalent than ever.

Hyper-consumerism refers to the consumption of goods for non-functional purposes and the associated pressure to consume those goods exerted by the modern, capitalist society…

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